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brand identity for a future teleportation system


a response to a competition live brief dubbed "the future", route imagines how a teleportation brand may look. 
route's identity revolves around the fact that it offers an environmentally efficient, clean, and communal alternative to aeroplanes. the teleportation devices are situated at "stations" which are similar to airports. 

the logo was inspired by simple, line based subway maps; such as the london underground, as basing the brand visuals around a line was something I could use to create a flexible and fun identity, yet relevant to the subject of transport: such as the short promotion animation I created in after effects which shows the line of the logo being used to create different landmarks around the world. the brands' name, "route", is almost homonymous in symbolising a direction of travel yet reminding of the roots of a tree, which is represented by the leaf in the logo: echoing the eco-conscious nature of the brand. the font I used for the identity, museo, is a serif font yet has a soft and organic look which is united with the simple line-based logo and the friendly and conscious messages of the brand.


the branding consists of a logo, a wayfinding signage system for the stations, and advertisements.

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